Atomic Dry Hands

Recently at a dinner meeting one of my colleagues came back from the restroom marveling at how nice the bathroom was which prompted the rest of us at the table to take turns visiting the WC only to return and chime in our opinion (I was underwhelmed).

Bathroom decor critique (BDC) is a standard activity in New York and it seems restaurants and bars are fighting to come up with the coolest new bathroom design In the late 90s Bar 89 was the rage with their unisex self-fogging glass doors and more recently SEA in Williamsburgh with their pod-rooms surrounded by beaded curtains.

While all this bathroom gawking can be fun I’m usually happier than a pig in mud if I can just get my hands clean (please refill the soap, thank you very much!) and completely dry after visiting a public bathroom. Unlike Donald Trump who reportedly won’t shake hands with people because he’s OCD about cleanliness, I tend to think that the one place where you should be able to get your hands super clean and super dry is after visiting a public restroom.

Well, I think I found the solution to at least half of the problem- getting really super dry hands. Forget about empty or jammed paper towel holders, forget about all those useless hand dryers that either don’t work or just blow the water down your sleeve, I recently got the chance to try out an XLerator hand dryer while visiting the restroom at The Coffee Shop in New York’s Union Square. The Xlerator hand dryer in the by Excel Dryer might just be the most powerful and effective way to dry hands in a public restroom that I’ve ever seen. Excel claims the XLerator dries hands in just over 10 seconds (it really does!). Maybe this is because its air velocity is 14,000 linear feet per minute (LFM) but I know is that it got my hands dry and got them dry fast.

Now all we need is a way to get out of the bathroom without touching that gross door handle!