Wired Headsets Dangerous – Thanks Bluetooth!

My car is one of the few places I feel like I can get quiet time so I generally try not to talk on the phone while driving. In the past when I needed to talk in the car I used to use a headset or earbud but became so frustrated with every headset, earbud, and earpice I tried.

After several scares in which the wire from my headset got tangled around my gear shift or around my jacket or arm as I turned a corner I gave up on earbuds and headsets all together. Until recnetly I’ve just been using the internal speakerphone in my Nokia if I really had to use the phone while driving.

My conclusion- Cell phone headsets are just plain dangerous and I didn’t need the Univesity of Chicago Hands-Free Cellphone Study to tell me.

Well recently my opinion has changed. Although I work and teach in the field of design and technology, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m pretty much a neo-ludite when it comes to gadgets. So when I was given a Plantronics M2500 wireless headset as a gift recently (thanks you know who!) no one was more surprised than I was at how excited I’ve been over this gadget.

It’s still a bit too early to tell and I can’t yet comment on the the battery and charging ability but my initial response is EUREKA!. The Plantronics m2500 wireless headset is comfortable, fairly easy to setup and use, is moderately stylish, and actually works which is more than I can say for another model. Unlike earbuds and headsets I haven’t gotten a headache yet from using this thing and the sound quality is clear and I can typically continue my conversation in my home as far as 20 feet from the phone.

With a street price of around $40 at places like, decent design and styling, comfortable fit and no wires to inhibit your driving it’s definitely worth the investment.