A Better Coffee Sip Cup! New Solo Traveler

Recently the local shop where I buy coffee changed from one of those peel back and latch (it never works) coffee lid to a sip type lid. These lids are supposed to be designed to allow you to sip your coffee without spilling any so that when you place it in your car’s cup holder it won’t spill while moving. Well the local shop has resorted to placing tape over the hole because quite frankly these lids are a miserable failure at preventing spills and it’s a toss up as to whether they are any better than the really terrible peel back and “lock” lids.

A Better Sip Cup

A couple weeks ago I was ecstatic to discover what seems to be the best design solution to this everyday problem at another coffee shop. The patented Solo Traveler disposable lid is a delight to use and simply ingenious. It’s essentially a recyclable plastic version of the more expensive lids you find on items like those stainless steel travel lids you find at Target or Starbucks. The beauty is in the simplicity, there’s a little hole to sip from and then an elevated nub that you can slide one-handed back and forth to open and close/lock into place.

Simple pleasures are so delightful. Coffee, sliding lid sip cup, winning the lottery… oh well at least I got the coffee and sip cup.

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